7 Steps to Building a Large Group PE Program


New to teaching PE? Or are you looking to add to your physed program? As a PE teacher for 13 years with over 22 years of educational experience I've learned a lot about management, games and activities that engage students, and growing a program each year so it meets the needs of all learners grades K-5. If you have a medium to large group, this program is for you!!! This course has bonus PDF's not available in the basic course.

The course is a 4 video series you can watch at your own pace.

Video 1:

The Basics: Let's GO!!!

-Everything you need to get your PE program off and running! This video covers all the basic starting blocks including:

S: space

E: equipment

T: time

S: size

Also included in this video are grant writing and budget-building ideas to get a nice stash of equipment to plan your units around.

Video 2:

Procedures and Routines

-Planning's no fun, but we look at units from a macro and micro point of view. Plus, I take you into my very best procedures and routines to get your program on point and consistent. Let's create a well-oiled machine!

Video 3:


-Even if you don't have a lot of technology at your disposal, this video will help you get creative with your resources and take your program to the next level.


-Do you teach large groups like me? If so, I walk you through how I can assess students quickly and get as much feedback as possible.

Video 4:

Games and Activities

-Here's the fun stuff! In this video, I go over my favorite large group games that can work with any class, both inside and outside.


-This is my favorite part! What can you do to better yourself each day for your students and yourself? This is the "It" factor we all have inside of us. How can you take that and become the best version of yourself? Let's get to it!


These are extra goodies that are worth more than the course itself. I've personally written grants in excess of $30,000 over my teaching career for my schools. Use the files to write to local organizations that are willing to donate equipment to support your school. The bonus PDFs are for enhancing games and allowing students to create their own games and activities.

Extra Activity Task cards and PDFs

-Hunger Games

-Large group projector uses

-Basic game strategy

Grant Writing files

PE Design Squad packet

I want this!

30 day money back guarantee!

I hope this course gives you 100 times the value of your investment. I stand by my product and hope to overdeliver for you. If, after 30 days you are not satisfied by the material, please return it for your money back. Thank you so much!

Last updated Mar 18, 2024

Starting a new PE program? This course has everything you need to design your program from scratch. Plus you'll get my grant writing files, bonus PDF's and extra task cards!

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7 Steps to Building a Large Group PE Program

I want this!