Large Group Start From Scratch PE Program (Special Edition)

Dave Carney
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Are you looking to add to your physed program? As a PE teacher for 12 years I've learned a lot about management, games and activities that engage students, and growing a program each year so it meets the needs of all learners grades K-5. If you have a large group, this program is for you!!! This course has bonus PDF's not available in the basic course.

The course is a 4 video series you can watch at your own pace.

Video 1:

The Basics

Video 2:

Procedures and Routines


Video 3:



Video 4:

Games and Activities



Extra Activity Task cards and PDFs

Grant Writing files

PE Design Squad packet

I want this!

Tips, tricks, hacks and procedures for starting a PE program from scratch! Plus you'll get my grant writing files, bonus PDF's and extra task cards!


Large Group Start From Scratch PE Program (Special Edition)

0 ratings
I want this!